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Best tour food in Sicily
Ciao, my name is Letizia and I'm a professional Tour manager and Tour guide. I speak 5 languages, love to travel and be connected with different cultures, but most of all I like cooking.  Growing up in a very authentic Sicilian family, traditions and recipes have been passed down with love from my grandmother to my mother and to me.  Now, I would love to share this culture and my love for Sicily with you.  

Letizia and members of her family will accompany you on a culinary journey, exploring the gastronomic and cultural beauty of Syracuse.

We also organize cooking lessons, starting from the market where we will buy seasonal ingredients that will then be cooked together in our country house.

The cooking lesson will be held by Letizia and her mother who, like in a real family, will explain the secrets of Sicilian cuisine and at the end, we will eat the dishes together.

Best cooking lesson Sicily
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